Things That Make Lesbians Horny

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This is my friend Alex Brennen. She basically is starting her own clothing line called “Affect The Movement.” She’s not making this just to sell clothing, but to create a movement based off of morals of following your heart and doing what you know is right for our society such as accepting one another for who and what we are.

My name is Alex and I’ll be your tour guide for the next couple minutes of your life. I also happen to be the CEO and founder of Affect and I want to thank you for taking the time to check out our project.

We are a community of artists, musicians, and photographers, that have come together to share our unique vision with the world. We have banned together a bunch of people in the name of touching the world by means of clothing and we call ourselves

The Affect Movement.” 

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Actually, I might start the countdown all over again because I’m lost on what pictures I’ve actually made…

So yeah, I’m going to delete all of them and restart.

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I will be starting this blog up again tomorrow after work. I want some GOOD and NEW submissions. ;)

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Me at NYC Pride.


Me at NYC Pride.

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